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Default Happy New Year

A desktop version of todayís update if you are interested. Iím sure you can resize it to your liking.

2012 is coming to a close. And what a year it was. So much bad and good, and weíve weathered it all. 2013 finds me finding new work and moving to Atlanta already. I struggled with what to update today with, and this felt too appropriate. If there was any visual representation of how I feel about going into next year, this is it. Worried, happy, excited, and perhaps even a little wreckless.

And Iíd like to take this time to thank you all for making this last year possible. Thank you all for sticking around this past year despite all the bumps in the road. Itís been a difficult year, but family, friends, and you all have made it all worth it. Thank you so much, and Iíll see you next year.


Alt.- Do try this at home. Get a Buick, fit it into your house, and attempt to drive it thusly.

No one posted this so I did >:(
mmm penguin waffles
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PATCHes! It has been so long since the kitty was definitely shown.
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I'm a new guy, so it would be great to stop and say Happy new year, too. By the way, the picture is great, thanks.
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