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Default Primal Rage II

Originally Posted by SRK
Take a couple ape-like beasts and a few vicious dinosaurs, throw them in a game to defend the “Urth,” and what do you get? Primal Rage, an execution-heavy, claymation-styled fighting game that rocked the early 90′s. With the successful release of this unique fighter, Atari soon began work on a sequel.

Sadly, the game didn’t do well in production. Afraid that they weren’t going to make a profit in sales, they cancelled the game, but not before making a few test cabinets. One of the owners of these cabinets released some extensive gameplay footage of a Primal Rage II prototype.

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Great now I want to play primal rage again. Oh if only I still had you, midway arcade treasures 2.
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I should go dig out my copy of Primal Rage.
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I think I rented Primal Rage 10 times without ever actually buying it.

I wasn't very good with money back then.
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