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Default 'World of Warcraft' board is now 'Massively Multiplayer'

This board now encompasses everything MMO, from Rift and Everquest, to Planetside and World of Warcraft. I've even included games like Phantasy Star Online or Vindictus here, even though I wouldn't call them true MMOs, because it's not gonna stop others here from doing so. Less confusion this way.

I've also consolidated as many World of Warcraft threads as I felt I needed to into one another. This board will likely still see more WoW activity than that of any other game, just on account of how huge the game is and what the board's sole purpose used to be, but it is for all MMOs now. I've stickied the threads with the most consistent activity as of late. I'm sure that'll change as time goes on.

Oh, and I didn't forget Monster Hunter. I intentionally left that in Consoles. You'll still find it there. It's still not an MMO and it's still largely on consoles, so I figured it'd be a better fit there.

Anyway, there you go! Massively Multiplayer board.
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