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Talking Developing A Webcomic, Would like some Feedback!

Hello all! :>

I've been reading Fanboys for some time in, along with a string of other webcomics... I've been most faithful to Fanboys over the years, though.

Besides the point :P

I have been inspired to begin development on my own webcomic... well, again haha... but I'm trying to get some feedback early in the development. AKA where I am now. I don't quite have a name for it yet, but it's basically about a timid gamer with no real social, or any, skills, who finds love and has to bust his tail to try to get his crush to reciprocate his feelings. I'm sort of shooting for a comedy-slash-gaming-slash-slice of life, with some romance peppered in. I'm working on developing characters and I'm stringing together at least the beginnings of a story... right now, all I really have to show is a piece of concept work. Sort of a Page 0, but I'm trying to hint at the main plot, as far as story arcs go, and show the art style I'm pretty sure I'm aiming for.

Anyway, enough talk. Please have a glance as this, and any feedback (or you know, Scott, if you're reading this, some advice would be awesome #dreaming) you all can give would be super helpful as I move forward... especially since the next step is figuring out where I can host this thing on.

Thanks! :>

The image though: http://fav.me/d8y2cv8
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Digging the art style.

I'm sure half the people here could provide you with material.
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I'm wondering what the female character's personality is like.

And yeah, you got some snazzy artwork there.
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