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Default I Am a Meteor

I know I haven't been here in a while and all of you probably forgot about me, but I recently wrote this poem and had the strangest urge to come post it on here.

Spoiler for I Am a Meteor:
Blackness, a vacuum, a vast empty space

Nothing dramatic, nothing eventful, nothing but gas and rock

And every rock rushes with relentless speed towards no destination

Two unassociated comets travel their own separate paths, never thinking much of anything

For billions upon billions of years, they knew nothing except the sensation of forward movement

Patiently, Fate waits



At last, two unassociated comets meet

Such a terrifying ordeal, they nearly crashed, they barely missed

After that, nothing was ever the same, because now the comets know nothing

Except the sensation of forward movement, and the knowledge of each otherís existence

Something about the grand design of space suddenly seems sadistic

Nothing but blackness, nothing but vacuum, and one other comet somewhere far away

Billions upon billions of years

And not once does either comet forget that it is in love

Patiently, Love waits



And suddenly a great sense of momentum, no longer just a sensation forward movement

The comets know that there really is a destination at the end of their journey

A reason to exist exists, immediately justifying all of the emptiness

Time speeds up, the emptiness retreats and all within an instant,

The comets recognize every beauty that belongss within the world as they finally see each other one last time

Then, upon collision, everything that ever was becomes finished
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