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Default Telulah


//Willard's thoughts.//

The hallway is long and dark. I do not like this. I flip on my flashlight and move forward into the shadows.

Where is Tim? He should be here with me. I tried calling him but his phone was 'unreachable'. I wish Tim was here. At least I would have a friend by my side. I know I am not alone. The signs are there. The noises. The strange rooms. I can feel it. I am not alone and I have no friends here.

My hand touches what feels like a doorknob. I turn it, and a door creaks. I step inside. Yes. This is another strange room. The bed is in the wrong place. The cupboard makes no sense. This chair shouldn't be here. The television is a triangle. There are no switches. There are no windows. There is no evidence of anyone ever living here.

I hear more noises, this time coming from the north. It sounds close. I must move. I need to get out of the way. I need to leave. The exit, where is it?

I leave the strange room. The hallway is still dark. There is no light switch. I have no choice but to move forward, away from the noise. I need to get away.

I run. I reach the end of the hallway. There is a door here. I open it, and I see Emily. She screams, and I turn.


What ARE you?

//Emily's inbox.//

From: Tim Woden
Subject: Will

Stop lying. You know what happened to Will. I do too. We should meet up. Call me. You have my number.

From: Ellie Moss
Subject: Found a new place

Hi Emily I found a place close to the mall and cheap! Only 100 bux a month if we share the rent! Go to 22 Sunday Street, West Park District. It's the blue house next to the bookshop.

From: Jessie Cray
Subject: i dont know

Hey cousin. I don't know which college I should go to. Can you help me out? Dad says I should go to the same college he went to, but I don't think I'd like it over there. Let me know if you have any recommendations!

From: Amanda Trace
Subject: Is he your boyfriend?

Who's that tall guy you were with last Tuesday? The one with the bird on his shoulder? Is he your boyfriend? He looks cute! His little pet was cute too!

From: Brian Ironside
Subject: That bird on Tim's shoulder

It's fake. There's a camera hidden inside it. He's recording everything. I recommend you watch what you say when you're near him.

Tim emailed me about you. Said you know what happened to Will. Will's been missing for weeks. The police can't find him. It's like he's disappeared off the face of the Earth. What happened to him?

From: Mohammad Zin Bin Hameed (this person is not in your Address Book. Add?)
Subject: Be careful

You don't know me but I know you.

I know what you saw.

This was a game for me. Not anymore.

I will be watching you.

Be careful.

//Zin's list//


1- Pocket flashlight

2- AA batteries for flashlight *At least FOUR

3- Baseball bat (good weaponm doesnt arouse suspicion. If people ask, say its for sports)

4- Small handgun -dunno what kind of gun it is, but it's small I can hide it and i know how to fire it

5- 12 bullets, with 6 already inside the gun

6- Compass *Very useful for knowing if IT is near!

//Emily's thoughts.//

There he is with his fake bird. Right on time. All right, time to talk.

“Tim, how did you know about what I saw?”

Tim answers back. He tells me he was following me that night. I ask him why. He says it was because I was going to Will's house.

“What does Will's house have to do with anything?”

Everything, he says. Tim then tells me he knows I saw what happened to Will. He's right. I did see something happen to Will. I just don't understand what it was. All I remember is that I opened the front door and saw Will, with something huge, something vaguely human-shaped standing behind him. A thing with misshapen eyes. I screamed and ran away, terrified of what I saw. Had nightmares. Haven't said anything to anyone since then. If Tim was following me he must have seen it too.

“So what's the plan? You saw what happened to Will. What do we do now?”

Tim tells me we're going to Will's house. Find some answers. I don't like this.

“What if that... whatever it was, shows up again?”

Tim tells me we should be fine. The police searched Will's house and nothing happened to them.

“What are we going to find that the police haven't found already?”

They didn't check his secret hidey-hole, Tim says. Only he and Will know about it. Hidden in there should be some clues.

“All right. When are we doing this?”

He pulls out a key. Right now, he says.

//Tim's thoughts.//

There are a lot of dead animals around the house. Never a good sign. I pull over and park the car. I reach the front door and use the spare key Will gave me to unlock it. I open the door and Emily follows me, afraid but willing.

Time to make sure we're the only ones here. I enter the kitchen. Nothing here but some canned food, some pots and pans and some cups. The toilet... smelly, but it's empty too. We check the living room. There's no one here. Finally we go into Will's bedroom. We check the closet, under the bed. Nobody.

All right. Time to open Will's hidey-hole. I tell Emily to grab one side of the bed and get ready to move it. We push the bed aside, and there it is: A small poster of a dog hidden behind the bed. The hidey-hole should be behind that poster.

I reach for the poster, grab it, pull it off and...

...What the fuck? There's nothing here. Just another part of the wall, no hole. That... can't be. I know this is where Will hides all his secret stuff. Emily looks at me with a confused expression on her face.

“So do we have to break the wall or something?” she asks.

No, I answer. Something's not right. I tell her there should be a square hole here, full of stuff like notes and USB sticks. Maybe he changed his hidey-hole to someplace safer? That could be it, but if that's the case then where is it?

Wait, why is everything so dark now? The window curtains are all open and it's only 2PM. Emily looks out the window and tells me she can't see anything outside.

I turn on the light. After a bit of flickering the flourescent light comes to life. Okay, we should search this room for the new hidey-hole. Emily asks me “Aren't you freaked out by what's happening outside?”

I say yeah, I am a bit worried, but we can worry about the outside later. Right now we should focus on finding the new hidden space. I know Will, and he wouldn't put a hiding spot anywhere outside his bedroom.

There's a computer here, and a small cupboard. I tell Emily to check the computer while I look behind the cupboard. She turns on the machine as I move the cupboard to the side. Nothing there. I open the cupboard and find nothing but clothes and some money. Wait. There's a note taped to the cupboard's door. I pull it off and read it:

“Inside the computer.”

Inside the computer? Is there a file that will give us a clue? I ask Emily if she's found anything yet. She says no, and also tells me that looking through the computer is going to take a hell of a long time.

Then I check the other side of the note. There is a drawing of what looks like a screwdriver. Wait, maybe Will meant it was inside in another way? I look at the desk with the computer on it, and there's a screwdriver next to the keyboard. I tell Emily to turn off the PC and let me open the casing.

After a bit of unscrewing, I open the casing and find some paper inside, stuck between the hard drive and the fans. I pull out the eight sheets of paper and we both take a look at them.

The first one looks like some kind of map. There are drawings of trees and some buildings I don't recognize. The directions on the map say you should start at the southernmost oak tree at Havenwood Park, then follow the trail until you pass by a public restroom. At that point, turn left and keep walking through the trees until you find an old shed. The shed is marked with a big red X. I check the other side of the paper, and written in very small letters there's this message:

“do not go alone”

All right. Now the second paper. There's nothing on it except a drawing of a stick figure and the word “TELULAH” written in very big letters. Nothing on the other side of this sheet. I move on to the next piece of paper. This one has a really long bit of writing on it. I read it aloud:

“All I can do, all you can do, is to keep yourself safe. Do not look at it when it comes for you, but I understand it must be difficult to ignore because of the noises you will hear. Fear will come for your mind, do not let it overwhelm you. If you lose to fear you lose to it and if you lose to it then you lose everything. The rooms will change and the world will seem dark but don't despair because the reality is that the world is still bright and it is an illusion it gives you to make you more afraid. Keep a flashlight handy so you stand a better chance. A weapon won't help you. The point is that you need to escape and do it with your sanity and your life intact. Day or night makes no difference to it. Time does not matter. When you hear the noises stay away from them. You cannot hide. You can only run and when you run never look back. When you look back you lose.”

At this point I realize that all the writing we've seen so far, none of it was written in Will's handwriting. Who wrote all this stuff? And what is it all referring to? That thing that took Will?
Wait, the world is dark right now...

Oh no.

I tell Emily it's time to go.



//Emily's thoughts.//


The hallway is gone and now there's a huge room with all these other weird-looking doors. Some of them aren't even rectangular. “Which way do we go?!” I ask Tim. He tells me to pick any door, and quick. I choose the one closest to me, and I see a really strange room inside, with everything completely made of stone.

Tim tries another door. No exit there, just another weird room. He tells me this is it, this is what happened to Will. Whatever it was that took him did this to him. “Great, just fucking great!” I yell. Tim says I shouldn't panic. I'm not panicking, I'm fucking angry that this is happening to me. Fuck you, whatever you are, I don't deserve this. I am going to get out of this house and live another day, Goddamnit!

//Tim's camera.//

-urry it's coming for us *DISTORTION* WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT

(Image of terrified woman's face)

Come on this way!

(Image of a rotten door. Door opens. Nothing but an unpainted brick wall)

Damn it's another dead end -- Don't you dare say 'dead'!

(Static fills the screen)

All right all right, it's still far *DISTORTION* We can do this we just have to keep going, find a way out. Wait, I've still got the other pages, maybe they'll tell us how we can get out of this.

Are you crazy?! Reading at a time like this?! -- You never know. Okay, okay, fourth piece of paper, it says -- *DISTORTION*

//Zin's thoughts.//

There are a lot of carcasses here. I should be careful, don't step on any of them.

This is the house. The same house. I look at the compass. It's close. The needle is spinning, slowly. I must hurry.

The front door is unlocked. I enter. It is dark inside. I pull a chair and use it to keep the door open. An exit must always be ready.

My flashlight is on. I don't hear anything. I keep my bat in my left hand. I start to search the house. I look out the window. The world is still bright outside.

I open the door to the bedroom. A dark labyrinth sits inside. I am not a fool. I will not enter.

I leave the bedroom door open, with my pocket flashlight on the ground as a beacon. It is the least I can do.

Time to leave and pray I can see her again.

//Tim's thoughts//

We're still trapped, but at least that... thing, whatever it is, is still far away. Those sounds, we can use them to tell us how close it is. I tell her that. She doesn't seem to care. She's opening every door she sees.

What's happened to this house? It's turned into a giant maze, with so many doors and- Wait, I see a light in the distance. I grab Emily's arm. “LET ME GO YOU'RE HURTING ME” she screams, but I answer back, telling her as loudly as I can that I am saving her life. She sees the same light I'm seeing, and wrenches my arm away, outrunning me.

She reaches the door, and after a few seconds so do I. I remember the note saying not to look back, so I don't. I keep running, and so does Emily. We run until we reach the car. “DRIVE, DRIVE OR WE'RE DEAD!” Emily yells at me. I waste no time finding my keys, and immediately start the engine. We drive away, both of us unharmed but shaken.

Minutes pass before Emily starts to speak again. “We're alive” she says. I say yeah, we are, thanks to that flashlight we saw. “Who left that there?” she asks. I say I don't know, maybe it was left by someone else who got trapped in the maze and wasn't so lucky. I ask her if she can see the pieces of paper from inside Will's computer. “Yeah” she says, and grabs them.

Read the one I was reading while in the maze, I tell her. She complies and reads: “Telulah is the one who waits in the other side of the four corners of the world. Telulah is it. It is Telulah. The X is Telulah. Under the lines of dragons there are companions who will walk the solid earth and free themselves from the broken walls. Telulah waits for new souls to enter the domain of the incoherent. Telulah is patient, and Telulah plays. When it is time for play, there is only mercy in that an exit will exist.”
There is nothing on the other side of the paper, except a big red X with the words “always waiting for you” written under it.

I tell her to read the fifth piece of paper. She reads it out loud: “It was a rainy Monday morning when I first met her. She was beautiful, with hair like golden wheat and eyes shining blue. Her name is Emily- WAIT what? This, this is me. There's a drawing of me wearing that awful dress I brought to the party last month. Wait, there's you too! Listen to this: 'Man with a dead bird on his shoulder, tall as a tower. I have never met a man like him. His name is Tim.' What the hell?”

So whoever wrote all that has met us before... who could it be? I ask Emily if she remembers meeting anyone unusual when she wore that dress. She says “I don't know, maybe. There were a lot of people at the party. I don't remember anyone weird though.”

She then continues, reading the sixth sheet of paper, mentioning that this one is in a very different, very girlish handwriting: “Will, I need you to meet me at Havenwood. There's something I want to show you. It'll be our little secret okay?” Any idea whose handwriting it is, I ask Emily. “Nope, no clue. Two more pieces left.”

She reads the second last sheet, another one written in the same girlish handwriting: “I'm sorry Will. I'm sorry. I'm sorry... it just goes on and on like that for the whole page. Just this one line, 'I'm sorry' over and over again.” Is there anything on the back, I ask her. “No, nothing on the back of this one. Okay, last one... Huh? This one's a recipe for mushroom soup.”

Mushroom soup? That can't be right. Turn over the page, I tell her. She does so, and immediately screams. What's wrong, I ask her. She takes a few deep breaths, then tells me “there's this horrible drawing of a face, done in red ink. There's stuff that looks like maggots coming out of the mouth and... just, ugh.” Not caring about the fact that I'm driving she shoves it into my face and I yell out as I see the terrible image. I notice that under the drawing it says “Don't trust him.”

I pull the paper away from my face, just in time to avoid a collision. Don't trust who, I wonder?

We stop at Emily's place. I ask her if she'll be all right. “Yeah. Thanks” she says. “Are you going to keep the papers?”

I answer yes, and tell her that I will call her tomorrow, to talk about what we're going to do next. She asks me “We're going to Havenwood, aren't we?” with a worried tone. I answer with a maybe, and drive away.

//Zin's thoughts.//

She's safe. That's good. All I can do now is wait for her to make her next move.

In the meantime, I should look through all these notes left behind by Ray. Perhaps I will find more useful information.
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