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Default Mason/Dixon East Coast Anime/Lan Bash Extravaganza 9000!

Ok, so for all you in the area, I'm gonna start organizing the MDECALBE 9000 now.

What is it?

A super extreme awesome lan party, with anime & raving. We're talking console & pc gaming, file server leeching, and awesome-to-the-max anime movies & glowstick raving like you can't even imagine!

when is it?

Not sure yet. late-Fall sometime?

Where is it?
Also not sure. it'll be somewhere near the York,PA area (maybe Harrisburg?)

Who's going?

How long is it?
Probably friday night - sunday afternoon. Most likely.

How much does it cost?

It'll be cheap. That's the idea. I'm going to see if i can get it to about 20$ a person admission (plus whatever your room will cost. which is why york would be better than Hburg, cheaper hotels), estimating 50 people. That's my goal.

This is all just hearsay between my buddies and I right now. We're looking at a few conference centers and stuff. If we can get it in york, it'll probably be somewhere near 35$ a night for a room, so you're looking at 90$ for the whole weekend of lan/rave/anime. Plus we could possibly all be in the same hotel to make it a 24 hour event. I've helped out running several other lans of this size before, so i've got contacts with a lot of game company sponsors (not to mention Bawls is the official sponsor for Highscore, so i've got a direct line there). I think this could actually be pretty awesome.

This is really a feeler to find out if you all in the area are into something like this.

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