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Since it gotten warmer I've been cycling more to work rather than driving, coupled with a new diet I'm almost down to 168, feel exhausted.

Still crazy to think that before I started a couple of years back I was 238 something, really should thank Rud for that advice.
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I mentioned a while back that when I started college, I cut out sodas and did some weights. This was partially because I was really scared of gaining weight when I left home. The truth is I've always had issues with my body, but the past two years have been sort of a transformation for me and I just wanted to share my experiences.

When I was in high school, I was in cheerleading. Back then, I had more muscle mass but I was also carrying extra fat, hovering around 145-150 pounds. I never felt comfortable with myself but I didn't really know what to do about it. College gave me that fresh start I think I really needed.

Soda was the first to go, and for a long time, that was the only significant change I made in my diet. I was walking all over campus from class to class and doing a little bit of weights on the side, and I began to lose a little weight. Nothing drastic but enough that people from back home sometimes noticed when they saw me. Sophomore year I started minding more of what I ate. Tried to avoid your standard junk food like candy and pizza, only eating it every so often. I weaned myself off almost everything that wasn't water or milk. That helped some.

The real change didn't happen until this summer. I started trying to educate myself on what exactly I was eating. I worked on portion control. I started reading labels, measuring my serving sizes, counting calories. I cut back on red meat, eating it very seldom. I replaced whole milk with almond milk over my cereal. Started eating more fruits and vegetables. Basically I found my goal weight, and adjusted my diet to get there. It was difficult at first but I began to get used to it, and once I hit my target weight, I adjusted my diet again to maintain that weight.

The last time I was on a scale, I weighed 125 pounds. That was a couple months ago, and I haven't weighed myself since then, but I can speak in terms fitting measurements. When I was in high school being fit for clothing, I had a 30-inch waist. Today it is at 25. Before, I wore a size large in clothing, and medium occasionally. Now I am consistently in a small, and sometimes extra small.

I can't explain how much better this has all made me feel. I feel so much more confident and it's been bleeding into other aspects of my appearance. I finally worked up the nerve to cut my hair. My clothes no longer fit, so I've had to buy new ones over time and I've used the opportunity to find a style of dress that I really like. More importantly though, this has taken away a lot of my anxiety and caused me to feel happier and healthier. Really glad I did this. I never dreamed I would feel this good!

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Your changes in diet sound really similar to the ones I made. Soda was the first to go for me, too, followed in turn by chips and fast food. Started exercising a bit, started trying to watch portions, started packing more healthy stuff in there. Working on excising bread and refined grains right now. Can't say I've hit my ideal weight yet, or that I'm even sure what it is, but I know I can drop further down. It's really a long process that you can't complete overnight, but if you're dedicated and patient, you can do it. That's really awesome to hear, Mal.
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I've mostly cut out soda lately. And candy almost entirely. I tend to buy sugar free gum when I just have to have something sweet. Still no consistent exercise other than a lot of necessary walking every day. Still haven't cut out fast food, though I go longer periods without it.
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