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Default what things do

what things do is "a very classy web comics site" started by Jordan Crane. It features a lot of cool cartoonists from the alt comics scene and I think all of the content is stuff that was previously published that they've made available for free. Thumb through the authors and go for it.

Here's some of my faves

Keeping Two by Jordan Crane
My favorite thing from the site. Very engaging and it's still going and every time it updates it makes my day.

The Last Lonely Saturday by Jordan Crane
Vicissitude by Jordan Crane
Before They Got Better by Jordan Crane
More haunting emotional stuff. I love Crane.

Dogs by Michael Deforge
Spotting Deer by Michael Deforge
Peter's Muscle by Michael Deforge
Improv Night by Michael Deforge
Channel Surfing by Michael Deforge
SM by Michael Deforge
Rescue Pet by Michael Deforge
I like Michael Deforge. His stuff is very surreal and he's probably my favorite "small press" cartoonist at the moment. I buy all his shit. Improv Night is my favorite of the bunch. Peter's Muscle is about Spider-Man. Some of these are NSFW. Sorry.

Black Death by Sammy Harkham
The forward motion of the beginning of this comic is something I think about regularly.

Jin & Jam by Hellen Jo
I almost bought this sight unseen once because of the cover. It was sold out. When I found it here I was excited and it lived up to that excitement.

Gordon Smalls Endures the Wasteland by Gabby Shulz
Blobby Boys by Alex Shubert
The Ghoul Man by Jaime Hernandez
These are the rest that I have read and liked. I didn't even notice Huizenga here before so I'm going to check out that soon. Jaime Hernandez is my favorite cartoonist of all time but Ghoul Man is a weird entry from him. It's really rough for a dude known for his smoothness, especially in something from 2002.

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You're right, Keeping Two was really fantastic.
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