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Default Noir

Experimenting with style.

While reading the thing below,

Listen to this piece.

I take my fourth splash a' scotch.
Or fifth. Or sixth.
Not third. More than three.
Not seven. Less than seven. I can still think.
Can still remember. Can still see faces. Like strangers, sneakin' into my head. 'Cuz I sure as hell didn't invite them.
Let's say fourth.
This next one will be number five.
Went to a church one night. I was told I'd find answers.
To what?
"Anythin'", I was told. So I went. To look for answers.
Saw a lot of prayin'. Guess that's how these people ask questions.
I figure, I'm here. Might as well. I got nothin' to lose.

So I prayed. And I gave Him a whopper...

Dear God.
These people say that Jesus saves.
So why don't You save me?

That was a month ago. Still no... answer. Maybe He was busy. Planning for the apocalypse or something.
Too busy for a tick like me.
I'm thinking again. I'm seeing faces. Like... misspelled words... Brush strokes in a painting.
Nights like these... They all end the same. I start thinking... and I can't stop.
End up in holes, like this one.
Better than home, I guess.
Home, with a sofa, a TV, a floor's worth a' empty bottles,

a .44,

a round,

and things to remember.
Yea. Better than home, I guess.

Nights like these,

They all end the same...
What? I can't hear you! I have a BANANA in my ear!

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