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Exclamation Something Old, Something New

It's been posted a few times elsewhere now, but it should be mentioned here.

Two boards have been deleted:

Flames and Fights

Just to clarify, the threads contained in 'Flames and Fights' are still here. They can all be found in 'Rantings of Madmen' now. Not counting the bot spam threads, of course (which made up four of the six pages on the board).

The 'Trashbin' thread, on the other hand, lost a lot of its threads. They were there for a reason, of course. A few were kept, though, and it became 'Forums Gold'. The old 'Forums Gold' is technically what was deleted, but it replaced 'Trashbin' since 'Forums Gold' was just a child board. So. Long story short, 'Trashbin' is gone, 'Forums Gold' is not.

There is also a new board:

Streams and Webcasts

This new board exists pretty much because people asked for it. All your LiveStream or Podcast threads go on this board. If you have such a thread in another place on the forums already, drop by this thread and leave a post. I'll try to be as active as I can in relocating your threads to the new subforum.

"Scheduled" maintenance was also just done for the first time in a few months, so the forums should run a little smoother overall. Hopefully. Should anyone encounter any problems pertaining to any of this, just shoot me (or any other mod or admin) a PM and I'll see about fixing the problem.
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