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Default Forums Rules

From the man himself:

Hey everybody, this is Scott DeWitt, or krudman as I'm known here, and welcome to the forums. We're very laid back here, but we do have a few rules here that we go by. There's not many to go by, but please abide to the few we do have so we don't have problems:

Topics Kosher/Non-Kosher for Discussion:
  • No Religious Discussion - Talking about ethnicity seems to be fine, but as soon as somebody mentions religion people tend to go nuts. This is the internet after all. You want to put Jesus in your sig? That's cool. I'm all about beliefs, believe me, but people can't seem to keep their heads on straight when it comes to such a touchy topic. Therefor, it's not allowed here.
    Negative Criticism? A-Okay - Some forums, which will not be named, deem it a bannable offense to say something halfway negative about their comic. We are not these places, and we encourage it. It helps me make the comic better, and there have been occasions where I've made replacement comics due to one being really bad. If you've got something to say, feel free to do so.
    Racism - It's stupid and not allowed. I don't have to say why.
Posting Conduct:
  • Don't post shocker material - Do you know what Goatse is? or Tubgirl? Guro and stuff like that? Look them up on the Wiki. Please don't post crap like that. If you post stuff like that, you can get banned for that.
    Language - Talk like a human being. I know I run what's technically a PG comic, but I don't want you to be restricted because of that. If you swear in real life, make your keyboard work accordingly. Act yourself.
    Grammar - This isn't exactly bannable, but it'll make all our lives a who lot easier. When somebody comes in typing like "lol how u mine 4 fish" people get annoyed. VERY annoyed. Please use full words. We're not complete grammar Nazis when it comes to forum posts, so you have some lead way. Just make your writing legible. At least use the spell check.
    Fight your own battles - You start something, you finish it. I no longer take practice in making everyone hold hands and frollick under rainbows that rain down cotton candy skittles with no calories but with the same great taste. You tick somebody off, you're stuck with it. It's up to you to rectify the situation. If you do, link them, or shrink text.
    Spoilers - Try not to post spoiler images, text, or videos unless a thread is labeled accordingly. (( Gabby Note: Spoilers should also be placed in [spoiler] tags. ))
    Trolling - Don't troll. There's no reason for you to come here just to tick people off. Have an opinion, by all means, but don't just come here to tick people off.
    Image Posting - Specifically the more... naked ones. Nudity isn't against the rules, but you need to keep in mind some people come here at work (when they shouldn't. ), and some people are not legally adults. With these people in mind, I ask that you link all inappropriate images and label them with "NSFW" (not safe for work). If it's an art thread, simply label the title of the thread accordingly and do what you need to do.
Getting Banned:
  • You have to be real special to get banned here. REAL special. It takes a lot. Only three people have been banned to this date. Somethings you'll get a warning, others there's no explanation and I won't even bother to explain it. It's a basis to basis situation that really needs no explaining. If you think that you've been banned unfairly by God Empress Nami, just email me and see if we can't sort it out. If not? I'm sorry. There's other forums you can go to if you're bored.
  • Not much to say here but to make sure they're not offensive (made purposely to offend. Not politically correct) and keep them of a reasonable size:

  • This is a good size. Feel free to go as wide as you like, but I'd like it if you didn't got more than twice the height. Some people still have dial up you know.

There's the rules. Have fun, Keep it clean, good luck, and welcome aboard.

- Written by Scott DeWitt (krudman)

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