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I was supposed to see this and Creed, today, but, they are going way too early for me. So oh well.
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I finally got to watch this today, and i loved the heck out of it. like others have mentioned before, it did have it's pacing issues, but it was not in all bad. None of the action sequences felt horseshoed in. which I liked. one thing that kinda irked me the wrong way, well I'll include that in the spoilers

Spoiler for sw spoils:
Rey who was discovered to be force sensitive, like newly discovered just figures out that she has the force and she suddenly becomes kind of a savant in it to the extend where it's like "where the hell did they learn all this?" which I'm guessing will be expanded or explained the next sequels, at least i hope it does/ But just the way she is introduced to the force, and instantly amazing at it, is kinda out of nowhere and feels a bit rushed, where as compared to kylo ren, where his knowledge makes more sense considering his backstory that was given
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Spoiler for I saw this:
It was pretty good. I felt like there was way too much HEY REMEMBER THIS FROM NEW HOPE AND EMPIRE. The whole movie was just stuff from New Hope and Empire. I like the new cast aside from Rey. I felt like they didn't really do anything interesting with her. Also love love love Rilo Kiley and Finn. Poe needed five times as much screen time. Poe should have replaced Rey entirely. Also not a fan of the sudden new death star just because it was handled so poorly. But I liked how it sucked the star. I like new big emperor and new yoda too. Especially since new yoda just lives at new mos eisley cantina so we knock out two OT references in one scene. Shiny stormtrooper better be great in the next one. lol trash compactor remember that? Carrie Fisher's daughter was really distracting. It's like, I see you Chanel No. 3 I know who you are why are you standing there and why don't you have any lines?

When the movie ended the guy next to me turned to me and my friend and said that I kind of look like Rilo Kiley. So that was harsh.

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