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Default Batman: A Death in the Family

Possible idea for a future batman movie, where Dick Grayson is already Nightwing, and Batman has his second sidekick, the well meaning but troubled Jason Todd as Robin.

Batman: A Death in the Family

Interrogation scene

Opens on Batman standing in a darkened alley, rain crashing down upon him and the man held captive in his hands. The Batman roars at his enemy and punches him again, blood now dripping from the armor plating the knuckles of his gloves.

Batman: Where is he?!

Man: Who? I've kidnapped a lot of people lately.

The Batman strikes the man again, shaking in a rage he can hardly contain.

Man: You should've known better than to bring kids into this world.

Batman: Tell me!

Man: Temper, temper. It won't get you anywhere. Everyone knows your weakness, Batman. But I'll tell you what, I'll tell you where the boy is. But you have to do something for me.

Batman: I'm not playing anymore games. And you're not walking free this time.

Man: Oh, no. I want to go to jail this time. I want you to know right where I am when this is all over. No, I want something much simpler.

The figure pulls himself closer, bleached white face shining in the moonlight. Red lips pulled into a wide grin he stifles a laugh.

Joker: I just want you to give me a smile. When I'm not trying to kill you, I worry Bats. So serious all the time.

Batman: Enough! Where's Robin?

Joker: You think you're helping him? Or this city? You fancy yourself a doctor, vaccinating the streets. But I've been poisoning everything from the gutters down Batman, and soon it's going to come back up. Even the ones you love aren't safe, you'll see.

Batman: If you've done anything to him-

Joker: You'll what? Hit me again? Go on! No, don't worry. I'll tell you. I want you to see. I'm sad to say I don't know where all this *waves hands around Batman's mask* was born, but you know where I was. You were there that night. And tonight, let's see who is born, and who dies!

The joker breaks into a cackling laugh, only whooping again as Batman binds his hands and throws him out into the street where Gordon is waiting. As The Batman vanishes into the night, the Commissioner looks down at the clown's body shaking with each laugh, each only growing louder.

I think the new Batman movies could be good, if they decide to do something interesting with them.
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