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The closest you get to an actual Horde in campaign are the defend the objective types.

The basics of the campaign are that the enemy spawns aren't the same ones every time. Each section can hold different enemies so each leg of the campaign is sort of like having a mini-horde event every time... minus fortifications which was probably my favorite part of Horde even though they were more or less useless.

Played a bit of Survival just now... It's way harder than Horde. Feels more fast paced as well rather than just wall up behind Boomshields.

Just played as mostly the Scout with a Medic, Soldier, and two Engineers on Hardcore in Survival through the 10 waves and Holy Shit.

I fucking love survival.

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Played a bit of the single player so far and it reminds me of Angry Birds due to the 3 start system. Also I find it is close to a coin-op arcade game then previous GoW games.

I opened my first Epic Pack in it and got a Cell Shaded skin. It is awesome.
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