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Squirrels are Good
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Default Forum loading problem

After my browsers been open for a few minutes, I can't seem to open any part of the forum and just get error screens. If I shut it down and start the browser up again, this place works fine again, for about 3 or 4 minutes.

The problem just started this morning and everything was fine last night, might just be a temporary issue but just in case I'm seeking a fix for it.
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If it's "fixed" by closing and opening your browser, I would assume the issue is likely on your end.

Of course, I'd like to hear if anyone else is having issue. I can't imagine this being a forum problem, though. If it is, I'll have to look into it.
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Every few hours or so I get a loading error because the database doesn't reply to my browser's request, but it's just once and when I hit refresh it's fixed. 8D?
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That Geek Over There
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Have you tried an alternative browser? What operating system are you running? What database version are the forums powered by?

And why so many questions??

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