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Calvin by Martine Leavitt.

A kid named Calvin was born on the same day the last Calvin & Hobbes strip was published, had a stuffed tiger named Hobbes (who was "washed to death"), and a neighbor/friend named Susie. As a senior in high school, he starts hallucinating Hobbes and gets diagnosed with schizophrenia, then decides to set out on a journey across frozen Lake Erie to try to convince Bill Watterson to draw one last strip, thinking it will cure his delusions.

The premise was interesting, and I really wanted to like it, you guys, but for every great moment there was an extremely un-subtle soapbox. I found myself screaming in my head, "Okay! You're X/Y/Z! We GET it!!!" By all means, send a message, but not by hitting your audience upside the head with a pillowcase full of bricks.
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Books used to be my only hobby when I was a kid. I guess I never understand why the desire wavers as I grow up.
For my childhood, I'm immersed in words by Hector Malot. Have you read Sans Famille?
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