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Default You need to fix your RSS!

Problem! After the changeover to the new layout, the site RSS feeds apparently didn't carry over. It was only while clearing out some old StumbleUpon bookmarks that I realized the site was still active -- for anybody not as lucky, it just looks like the site hasn't updated since September 5th!

Since Google Reader sez there are currently 1,432 subscribers on the old, inactive feed and only 101 on the new one, you might want to do something to inform the stragglers (if you can) to avoid losing a big chunk of visitors. If other people use RSS like I do, inactive feeds are out of sight, out of mind until they're eventually deleted after it looks like the site will never update again. :(

(PS: I searched the forums for "rss" but it was too short, so sorry if this is a double post.)
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Hmm, didn't consider that. Thanks for the tip, I'll let Scott know if someone hasn't already.
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