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Default The future of Fanboys Forum

So we all know the comic hasn't updated since February since Krud has more or less lost interest and has been working on other projects like strips for CollegeHumor.

I'm not good with computer, so let me know if I'm wrong here, but keeping a website up and running requires bandwidth, right? Which I'm pretty sure requires money. Since Fanboys isn't updating, and since Krud has moved on to other things, isn't it possible that he'd decide to let the site die a peaceful death...and if that's the case, what would happen to the forum? Would it stay up, or would we have to make a new forum elsewhere? Do we have a backup plan?
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The forum has been running separately from the main comic for quite some time. Not sure if Krud has been watching this place at times, but i dont think that he necessarily has or is going to let this place go.

However, depending on the upcoming expenses for running this place (forum) and if the user managing this place has the time, it might have to close. As for moving or a backup plan, nothing has been said or there doesn't seem to be one yet.

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I remember there was some talk about upgrading to a different forum a few months ago, maybe a year, with more or different features awhile back, I think.

Dunno if that's still a thing, or ever was, but could be again if this place actually is in danger of dying!

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I think people have started migrating more and more to Skype and Vent within the last few years to keep the conversations going.

As for the forum and comic it would be nice if we could keep it up for the foreseeable future or at least migrate to a back up when the time comes, or if Scott decides to call it quits and start up a new project with it's own community.
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I don't mind as long as everyone notifies me of where they're migrating to.
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I mean, does the forum need a backup plan?

Most everyone has left and those that are still around post very sporadically. Most of us are keen to keep in touch across other services, like Twitter, Facebook, Skype, Tumblr, and whatever else. The forums just seem largely superfluous at this point.

And paying for the forums is an annual thing for Scott. I'm sure he'd mention it to me before he decided to just stop doing that. He has in the past.
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