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I wasn't sure whether or not to give this its own thread, so this makes that easier.

This is the first time an actor death has ever made me cry in my life. I feel a little silly admitting that, but whatever. I didn't know the man personally and I'd never met him, but he helped create something that I adored and lost myself in for many, many years as a child.

I never... I don't know how to word it... I never thought he would die, I guess? That's stupid, because everyone dies, but it is just not anything I'd considered. Or maybe it's just that it is the first time someone famous and technically distant to me has died that it has felt this deeply personal to me. It feels like part of me just thought that he (and Dan Aykroyd, Bill Murray, and Ernie Hudson) would just live forever, no matter how irrational that is.

I think I can say that, personally and for the first time in reference to a actor death, he will be missed a lot.
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