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The Abandoned House

Part One: Let Her Go

Sunlight trickled in through broken boarded up windows, golden interference rousing him from the floor’s embrace. He blearily blinked, hazel eyes spackled with hints of gray adjusting to the sight of the skeleton that had once been his home.

He couldn’t recall when things had changed.

When the front door had been forced in, wood splintered where the knob and lock assembly had remained dutifully affixed to the wall. Or the day in which water had dilapidated the ceiling of the first floor, claiming chunks of rotted drywall. He was almost sure the needles strewn about weren’t actually his.


He would have been expected to be more mortified at the realization he couldn’t have possibly lived in this house as it died. No one could actually live in this. And yet he couldn’t hope to remember the last time he’d left, either. He’d been in this empty house this whole time, thinking he knew why no one ever came.

He must have come to this conclusion before.

A strong gust of wind stole through his cell, rustling of pages on the warped kitchen table attracting his attention. He ran a hand over the faded leather journal; flipping through to find it blank, save for a single page. Scrawled in black, a simple message ordered: You Have to Let Her Go. Kyle’s brow furrowed at the advice, though he hardly expected to remember the time of writing.

There weren’t any answers here.

Worn journal safely stored in his back pocket, he briefly wondered if he needed a jacket. But only briefly. A warm summer morning waited outside; with an air of hesitation, he stepped through the ruined door out into an alien world.
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