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With slow zombies you need to be pretty underpowered to make it hard/scary, and I think maybe first person because 3rd person places you above them/detaches you from them. You kind of need to be up close and powerless to appreciate a slow zombie.
Zombies didn't mean anything to me in Dead Rising because there's just so many and you can kill them really easily and jump on their heads (edit: and also put silly masks on them and spray them with paint. Which is awesome, but not scary). It only kind of got hairy in the maintenance tunnels. I loved Dead Rising but it wasn't scary. So zombies need to go in a different direction for survival horror, I think.

It would be interesting to see more stuff about turning into a zombie, too. How you deal with the infection and DOOM. Like the diary of that guy from RE who said his skin was falling off and he wanted to eat the guy's face, that was pretty cool. Outbreak attempted infection levels but that was kind of boring and useless.

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